Coronavirus: Liège, Charleroi airports still in Phase 2

Coronavirus: Liège, Charleroi airports still in Phase 2
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Liège and Charleroi airports are still in alert Phase 2 for the novel coronavirus, Wallonia’s minister in charge of the sector, Jean-Luc Crucke, said on Thursday.

On Sunday, Charleroi went into Phase 3 after a passenger from Luxemburg who was carrying the virus passed through it, according to a press release from the authorities in Luxembourg. Following tests, the traveller proved to be asymptomatic.

Since the transmission risk was next to nothing, according to the experts, the alert Phase was again reduced to 2, Minister Crucke explained after the weekly meeting of the regional government.

At the meeting, discussions evidently focussed on the coronavirus epidemic, which is affecting Belgium, with 50 confirmed cases so far. “We need to remain calm,” Minister-President of Wallonia, Elio Di Rupo said, stressing that “common-sense measures” needed to be followed, particularly with regard to hygiene.

These measures will be posted in buses, Wallonia’s Public Transport Minister, Philippe Henry, said. “At this stage, we are taking basic measures,” Henry added.

The various ministers responsible for public transport in Belgium are scheduled to meet on Friday.

Meanwhile, a task force has been set up for businesses and independent contractors affected by the epidemic, who can always call 1890, a hotline activated on Wednesday, to get answers to their questions, Economic Affairs Minister Willy Borsus stated.

On its first day, the hotline received 43 calls and “in 90% of cases, the questions had to do with financial problems linked to the coronavirus,” the minister said.

The difficulties in obtaining face masks even as the demand for them rises was also addressed. The Federal Government is now completing the specifications for Belgium to acquire millions of masks, Di Rupo said. “We shall assume our responsibilities in close coordination with the Federal authorities,” he added.

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