Coronavirus: Belgium enters 'enhanced Phase 2'

Coronavirus: Belgium enters 'enhanced Phase 2'
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At the end of a consultative committee, Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès confirmed that Belgium remained in Phase 2 because of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), but that the phase will be "enhanced."

"In accordance with the analysis made by the RMG (Risk Management Group - made up of representatives of the health authorities), Belgium remains in Phase 2 of the risk management plan of the FPS Public Health," Wilmès said in a press release.

"The containment measures are still in force. Additional so-called social distancing measures prepared by the RMG will be discussed at the National Security Council on Tuesday 10 March, in the presence of the Minister-Presidents," it added.

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"These are non-medical measures to limit contact between infected and non-infected people," said Wilmès' office to RTBF. Whether or not this "enhanced" phase also bans public events will be decided at the National Security Council meeting on Tuesday.

The consultation committee, which includes representatives of all the governments of the federated entities as well as the federal government, has also "taken note of the recommendations made regarding the prioritisation of tests, and the development of the range of laboratories able to carry them out," it said.

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