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    Inami numbers-students are “hostages to political games”


    Twelve former deans of medicine are asking the Higher Education Minister for the Wallonia Brussels Federation, Jean-Claude, Marcourt (PS) to abandon his project of filtering students at the end of the first year of studying medicine. They told him would prefer entrance exams in an open letter printed by Le Soir on Tuesday. Theses former deans think that students studying medicine and dentistry are “hostages to political games” and that the planned filter is judicially fragile. “This selection at the end of the first year is a dupes market”, say the former deans at the start of their letter.

    They call on Mr Marcourt “not to repeat his predecessor’s mistakes and choose reason, not ideological blindness”.

    They are calling for entrance exams, and candidates would go on a “numerus fixus” – the number of those accepted would be fixed on an evaluation of the demand. Those that fail could do a preparatory year in Health Science.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)