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    Morale lessons less attended than 10 years ago


    According to figures on the school population in French-speaking Belgium, provided by the Brussels-Wallonia Federation, less students at primary and secondary school attended morale lessons between 2005 and 2014. This is for all departments. It is the reverse for Islamic RE lessons, which have become more successful, La Libre Belgique reported on Wednesday. In nearly 10 years, the number of students attending RE lessons has gone up by just 1% (77% of students). The attendance for Catholic RE lessons has gone down slightly, from 69.7% to 69%. However, Islamic RE lessons are doing well: attendance has gone up by 1.9% to 23,415 children (6.9% of students).

    In the differentiated pedagogies schools, it went from 74 children attending Islamic RE lessons in 2005 to 332 in 2014. The increase was slow until 2012. It shot up considerably in 2013. This increase was very clear in Athénées: 9,034 in 2005 compared to 21,127 last year.

    Attendance for morale lessons fell by 1.5% (22.5% of students) in ten years.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)