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    “We could still get rid of 4 to 5,000 jobs at the SNCB”


    The former SNCB boss Marc Deschaecker was invited to the Grand Oral La Premiere/Le Soir on Saturday.  He joined the New Flemish Alliance in 2014. He thinks that “4 to 5000 jobs at the SNCB could still go”.

    “Not 6,000 jobs, that’s going too far, but yes, somewhere between 4 and 5,000 jobs, especially in administration. To do that, you need to simplify jobs, bonuses, grades, hierarchies, etc. You need to reduce the number of managers and consultants”, he said to Première.

    “Today, there are nearly 10,000 less jobs than when I started in 2002. We haven’t sacked anybody, but we didn’t replace those who didn’t bring anything to the transport system and cost the tax-payers a lot of money. 9 or 10,000 people, that’s more than half a billion euro in salaries a year”, the former SNCB boss said.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)