National protest march: “This government is the most antisocial in 30 years”
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    National protest march: “This government is the most antisocial in 30 years”

    “This government is the most antisocial of the last 30 years,” declared Thursday the President of FGTB Rudy De Leeuw before protestors assembled at boulevard du Jardin Botanique in Brussels. The statement was made on the occasion of a national protest march organized by the common labour union front. On his part, Marc Goblet threatened stronger measures in the near future if the union proposals are not attended to.

    “Employers and FEB are the Pravda of the government,” said Rudy De Leeuw, at the same time stating that Belgium has the third lowest growth rate of the Eurozone, notwithstanding all of the measures taken in the past two years by the government of Prime Minister Charles Michel. Mr. De Leeuw also mentioned that the government is losing popularity. “According to surveys, it no longer has a majority.”

    And Secretary General Marc Goblet made his first speech since his return to work following sick leave. “I make a very clear appeal to the government and to employers: Do they still want conciliation? If so, they must listen to our alternatives. If they say “no”, we will have no choice but to mobilize and reinforce our actions. On October 7th, actions will be taken at several companies. Then we will analyse, through a common front, the government’s declaration of October 11th. The possibility of a general strike is open. We will require stronger measures to make the government stop disrespecting workers.”

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)