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    Infrabel launches largest recruitment campaign in its history

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Infrabel launched Thursday the largest recruitment campaign in its history. The railway infrastructure management company is looking for 1,400 new collaborators from now until 2020. Many among them will be trained in-house and will have the opportunity to work close to their home residence. A particular emphasis will be placed on hiring females, who only represent a little more than 10% of the company’s current personnel.

    Among the most needed posts, Infrabel lists a series of qualified technical profiles such as electromechanical engineers, electricians, qualified workers in various building trades, or engineers. But the company also wants to recruit massively people who will be trained in-house, such as staff who will eventually manage traffic in signal booths.

    Of the 1,400 recruits announced through the “We need you’’ campaign, 500 to 600 could materialize by the end of December already. Moreover, several “job days’’ will be organized throughout the country in the weeks to come.

    The managing personnel of the railway infrastructure will fulfill the role of ambassadors in this context. The staff’s mission will be to send people of every origin and age to their employer. Particular attention will be given, however, to women.

    The percentage of female members of staff has increased significantly, going from 7.37% in 2010 to 10.11% in 2017. “But, this is not enough!’’ Infrabel insists.

    Jason Bennett
    The Brussels Times