Unfilled vacancies reach record high in Belgium

The number of unfilled posts in Belgian businesses went from 140,690 in the first quarter of 2018 to 145,760 in the second quarter, according to figures published on Thursday by the Belgian statistical office, Statbel. The job vacancy rate – vacant jobs as a percentage of total jobs – increased from 3.47% in the first quarter to 3.52% in the second.

The highest increase in unfilled posts was in Flanders, where the number of vacant jobs went up by 4,980 in the second quarter. Flanders also had the highest job vacancy rate, 3.86%, followed by Brussels (3.38%) and Wallonia (2.79%).

Statbel said 65.6% of vacant jobs were in four economic sectors: sciences and services (19.6%, 28,630 vacancies); non-market sector (17.3%, 25,280 vacancies); industry (14.7%, 21,350 vacancies) and commerce (14.0%, 20,430 vacancies).

The job vacancy rates went up mainly in the accommodation and food services sector (+1.34%), real estate (+0.72) and construction (+0.69).

On the other hand, the rates went down in commerce (-0.45%) and finance (-0.33%)

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