Netherlands wants to fully open primary schools before the summer

Netherlands wants to fully open primary schools before the summer
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The Dutch government wants primary school pupils to go back to school every day, as they did before the coronavirus crisis, from June onwards.

This should happen if the first weeks of the 'limited reopening' go well, according to information obtained by the public media NOS.

As it stands, primary schools will be allowed to reopen from 11 May, but operating at half capacity each day. In special education, on the other hand, everyone will be able to start again at the same time.

This decision was made in line with health authorities of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), who consider the opening of schools to be sufficiently safe, as children play a relatively small role in the spread of the virus.

Secondary education is expected to resume on 2 June, if the virus does not appear in schools by then. Students will have to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other.

Despite the desire for it to happen, the date when education will resume 'as normal' remains to be seen.

According to reports from with the country, it could be as early as 2 June. In that case, depending on the holidays in different regions, schools could still teach for another four to six weeks normally. This would make it possible to limit the backlog of pupils' education.

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