Belgium's contact tracing coordinator resigns

Belgium's contact tracing coordinator resigns
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The virologist Emmanuel André is resigning from his position as "tracing" coordinator for coronavirus patients, La Libre Belgique announced on Monday.

Emmanuel André had previously acted as the French-speaking inter-federal spokesman in the fight against Covid-19, before resigning. He then began coordinating the tracing of patients at the end of April.

In an e-mail sent on Friday evening to the other members of the Testing & Tracing coordination unit, he wrote: "We are gradually coming out of the extremely intense phase of setting up this testing and tracing strategy, which is the phase for which I had committed myself to contribute to the extent of my skills. The current low intensity of the epidemic is an opportunity to bring about this transition."

"Beyond the testing strategy which is within my technical skills, the legal framework, the implementation of an application and finally the setting up of an internal quality system are points in relation to which I cannot bring any specific expertise beyond what I have already been able to bring. Other experts will be able to accompany you in this work much better than me," he added, according to La Libre.

"On a personal level, this investment - which I do not regret - is not compatible with my clinical functions and hardly compatible with my other responsibilities in the context of this crisis and beyond".

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