Face mask distribution: when and how?

Face mask distribution: when and how?
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The distribution of the face masks ordered by the federal government will begin from Monday in pharmacies across Belgium in stages according to age groups.

The distribution begins more than a month after the government first pledged to provide each resident with a face mask in late April.

A total of 18 million face masks were ordered, 15 million of which arrived with a significant delay and which were hit with accusations that they did not meet safety standards, which officials denied.

Federal officials tasked the country's roughly 4,800 pharmacies with the distribution, which will be carried out over 10 days from Monday.

How to collect the face masks?

One person per household is advised to go to recover the masks at a nearby pharmacy. They must bring their ID card and, if applicable, the ID cards of the members of their household.

Non-Belgians must additionally bring proof of their National Registry number (NISS) or their BIS number.


According to a distribution calendar published by the Association of Pharmacists Belgium, the distribution will take place from 15 to 26 June according to the following calendar.

15 June: Residents aged 75 and older (born in 1945 or earlier)

16 June: Residents aged 67 and older (1953)

17 June: Residents aged 60 and older (1960)

18 June: Residents aged 55 and older (1965)

19 June: Residents aged 50 and older (1970)

22 June: Residents aged 45 and older (1975)

23 June: Residents aged 40 and older (1980)

24 June: Residents aged 35 and older (1985)

25 June: Residents aged 30 and older (1990)

26 June: All residents

People with an upcoming urgent medical appointment or with a chronic health condition or belonging to an at-risk group can retrieve their face mask from day one, according to the coronavirus information website.

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