Maggie De Block won’t resign: ‘it’s not the time to run away’

Maggie De Block won’t resign: ‘it’s not the time to run away’
Health Minister Maggie De Block. Credit: Belga

Federal Health Minister Maggie De Block never had any intention of resigning, despite criticism of the way she’s handled the coronavirus crisis, she told Sudpresse on Monday.

"No, I have always taken my responsibilities and I am a doctor: when the patient is not well, it's not the time to run away," she said.

"I'm being blamed for a lot of things in the management of this crisis," she told Sudpresse. “I don't always think it's justified, but I can understand that. The citizens are worried about their health and that of their loved ones, so it is the Health Minister that they turn to.”

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“During the crisis, I have always taken responsibility and I will continue to do so as long as I am minister," she said.

Talking about the stocks of masks in Belgium, "there are also things we should have done better,” De Block admitted, but “we still managed to get a large number of masks and other protective equipment to Belgium."

"Defence helped us with this. It also had problems, as did all those who were involved in one way or another. I am not criticising it in any way, shape or form. We are a team and everyone gave their best," De Block stated.

“The incentive has been given to build up a new stock,” she added. It will be kept "within the care institutions and among the care providers,” according to De Block.

"They will use it and thus replenish it on a permanent basis, without the need to find a central storage place. The masks will therefore be there if a crisis breaks out.”

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