Coronavirus: returning travellers form ready for use

Coronavirus: returning travellers form ready for use
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The Passenger Locator Form - the digital form that anyone who stays abroad for more than 48 hours must fill in before returning to our country - is ready, responsible Karine Moykens confirms on Monday.

After final tests this morning, the web form will be made available in the course of the day, according to Moykens, to be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The obligation applies from 1 August, Moykens confirmed again. Anyone who is already abroad and returns to Belgium from 1 August will have to complete the form. The obligation also applies to foreigners who come to Belgium for at least 48 hours.

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With airlines, it will become a requirement for checking in. "Contacts are currently being made with the sector about this," Moykens said.

Travellers who have spent more than 48 hours abroad by car, train or other means of transport will also have to complete the form before their return. Random checks will reportedly be carried out at the border.

One should only tick the regions in which one has stayed for the last fourteen days of one's stay, Moykens said, and the document can be completed 48 hours in advance at the earliest.

Moykens emphasised that the obligation also applies to truck drivers, for example. "But most of them aren't abroad that long. In addition, there will be consultation with the sector federations, as we did with the catering industry at the time, to see how we can support them."

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