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    Ozone: air quality improves


    Air quality improved on Sunday, after Ozone levels were too high for five days running earlier this week. This is according to the Interregional Environment Cell (CELINE). The risk of going above the European Information level of 180 ug/m3 is small, but not impossible in the South of Belgium.  A large increase in air quality is expected on Monday. “You do not plan to go above European levels”, CELINE said in a press release.

    On Saturday, levels were too high for the fifth day running, which is the first time this has happened since 2003. High concentrations of Ozone were recorded in three regions. Higher levels than the European information level of 180 ug/m3 were recorded by two monitoring stations in Flanders. The European information level has been fixed at 180 ug/m3.

    The highest hourly concentrations on Saturday were in Dessel Flanders (188 ug/m3), Engis in Wallonia (177 ug/m3) and Brussels (158 ug/m3). The alert level of 240 ug/m3 was not reached, CELINE says.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)