Belgium enforces stricter rules on legal marijuana sales

Belgium enforces stricter rules on legal marijuana sales
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Legislation on the sale of legal cannabis will be aligned as of 1 July.

Notably, sale and purchase will be prohibited online, while all importers must register their product and provide more information to the authorities. 

The Federal Public Health service (SPF) also sees its power strengthened. "So far, we could only give a warning," said Paul Van den Meerssche chief inspector of SPF. "If the rules are not respected, the product can be confiscated," he added. "And it is once all conditions are met that we verify the THC content. The maximum of 0.2% THC psychoactive substance is not often exceeded, but it happens." 

These stricter rules already apply to e-cigarettes and tobacco products, among others. In addition to online sales, individual sales are also prohibited: the product should be packaged and must also carry a tax stamp. Furthermore, no advertisement of a hypothetical positive effect on health will be allowed. 

The SPF will discuss this week with prosecutors, in order to achieve a kind of protocol on how stores selling legal cannabis should be treated.

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