Belgium’s highest recorded temperature could be broken on Thursday
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    Belgium’s highest recorded temperature could be broken on Thursday

    Credit: Belga

    Belgium’s highest recorded temperature should fall on Thursday, meteorologist Frank Deboosere warned on Monday. Given the maximum that the Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI) expects for Thursday, the 27 June 1947 record could be broken. 

    38.8 degrees Celsius was recorded at the Uccle measuring station on 27 June 1947. The measurement conditions differ today, however, and this temperature has been “corrected” to 36.6 degrees. It is this temperature that is to be taken into account for comparison, Deboosere said. 

    In the early 1980s, we went from using an open thermometric shelter to a closed shelter. “This means that the observations made up until May 1983 must be corrected in a complex way,” the meteorologist explained. “Take the highest maximum temperature of 27 June 1947. 38.8 degrees was registered in an open shelter. However, a monthly correction factor that simulates the transition to a closed shelter must be applied, which makes it 37.4 ° C. When taking into account indirect solar radiation, 36.6 is obtained.” 

    The second hottest day in our country’s recent history was 19 July 2006, with 36.2 ° C  maximum in Uccle.

    The Brussels Times