Another plane brings back Europeans from Wuhan

Another plane brings back Europeans from Wuhan
Credit: Belga

The second plane taking people from 30 different countries home from Wuhan landed at the French military base in Istres (near Marseille, South-East France) at 2:30pm on Sunday. 

The Chinese city of Wuhan is now known to be the epicentre of the new coronavirus epidemic.  

The second plane was chartered by the French government. 

There were people from 30 different countries (including Belgium) on board the plane, which took off in the early hours of Sunday morning.  

The French Health minister assured Secretary of State Adrien Taquet that, as with the previous flight, none of the passengers who boarded at Wuhan were showing symptoms of the new Wuhan coronavirus when the plane took off. 

The French nationals will be confined to a holiday centre at the Carry-le-Rouet seaside resort near Marseille and a fire-fighter training centre in Aix-en-Provence. 

The A380 that landed at Istres will then fly to Belgium. The 12 Belgians will land at the Melsbroek military airport in the evening. They will then be quarantined at the Neder-Over-Heembeek military hospital. 

11 Danes, 23 Dutch, five Czech and two Slovaks will also disembark at Melsbroek. 

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