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    Farid Bamouhammad returns to prison


    Farid Bamouhammad, who was released from prison on the 30th of November for health reasons, returned to the medical wing of Saint-Gilles prison on Wednesday, said the Prosecutor’s office. The First chamber of the Liège Court of Appeal met and decided to send him back on Monday, deciding there was no basis for his release on health grounds. Mr Bamouhammad was released by the president of the First Instance Tribunal on the 30th of November. The decision was validated by the Tribunal of First Instance, but the Justice Minister Koen Geens submitted an appeal asking for the decision to be overturned. The Prosecutor’s office also asked for the decision to be overturned.

    Farid Bamouhammad’s lawyers, Counsels Nève and Moreau, thinks that the Court of Appeal was not competent to judge the appeal submitted by the Minister. They want their client to remain free.

    The Court of Appeal eventually decided to overturn the First Instance Tribunal’s decision. It said that the first appeal submitted by the defense was not contradictory. It also noted that Farid Bamouhammod created his own health problems by going on hunger strike. Farid Bamouhammod was therefore sent back to prison.

    Farid Bamouhammod will appear in front of the Sentencing Court on the 20th of April, when his lawyers will ask for him to be released again.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)