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    “Dinner in the sky” takes “Villa in the sky” to court


    The entrepreneurs behind the “Dinner in the sky” concept (the Event in the sky company) have accused the owner of the Lorraine Villa of creating confusion with the name of its new restaurant. “Villa in the sky” is located at the top of the IT tower. Event in the sky has taken the owner of the Lorraine Villa to court, L’Echo reported on Thursday.

    The lawyer for “Dinner in the sky”’ asked the president of the Tribunal to shut down “Villa in the sky” until it changes its name.

    ““Dinner in the sky” is in Belgium for 22 days of the year. It’s a concept.  It‘s impossible to confuse it with “Villa in the sky”. I feel this is not a useful trial. We patented the name “Villa in the sky”, we don’t claim any rights on the name “villa””, said Xavier de Thibault, lawyer for the Lorraine villa.

    A decision should be made within a month.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)