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    The SNCB sued because of the strikes


    It’s a first in Belgian legal history. Test-Achats is suing the SNCB via a class action (collective compensation). It wants to force the SNCB to reimburse passengers that couldn’t use the trains during the big strikes at the end of last year. A written notification – the first unavoidable step – will be sent on Wednesday morning, Le Soir, the Sudpresse and Mediahuis papers have reported. The consumer defense organisation will hand out flyers in stations, and an internet site ( has been set up to allow passengers to become part of the case.

    Test-Achats is asking for a lump sum of 35 euros per person, the equivalent of a 5 euro return multiplied by 7 for the 7 days of strikes that have affected the railway in the last 8 months (Thursday’s strike included).

    The SNCB has around a month to respond, otherwise the Courts will become involved.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga