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    Dimitri Bontinck arrested in Turkey and extradited to Belgium


    Dimitri Bontinck, the father of would-be jihadist Jejoen Bontinck, has been arrested in Turkey, near the Syrian border. He has been extradited to Belgium, but will not be investigated, the Federal Prosecutor’s office said on Saturday. It said his arrest was “purely an administrative measure”. According to the Het Laaste Nieuws, Dimitri Bontinck left for the Turkish town of Gaziantep on Monday. He was with a BBC team, to film a report on the war in neighbouring Syria. He was arrested by Turkish anti-terrorist police on Thursday. The same source said he was placed in a cell as a hidden camera was found on him during a search.

    The Foreign Affairs SPF said the police told them about the arrest on Friday morning. “Our colleagues in Ankara have told us he will be extradited to Belgium. We don’t know exactly when he will arrive”. Het Laaste Nieuws has said that the suspect was expected to be on a flight to Belgium on Saturday.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)