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    Coastal police test system for detecting drones used for crime

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The Westkust police zone is now testing a high-technology detection system able to identify and intercept drones used for criminal activity such as drug trafficking and terrorism. The new system is the result of research carried out as part of the European SafeShore programme. A first pilot project was launched on Thursday at the Lombardsijde Military Base.

    The Royal Military School will pilot the project, which will use sensors, lasers, sound detection, radio localisation and even infrared thermal cameras.

    The new system can detect drones, unmanned parachutes or small vessels. It could also be used with regard to the migrant question or kitesurfers.

    About a dozen European partners are involved in the project, which was developed in seven locations, from Israel to Great Britain.

    The first tests are now being conducted in the Westkust police zone. Tests will also be run in June and September, while the conclusions are expected in December.

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times