New suspect arrested in connection with Yellow Vest’s death
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    New suspect arrested in connection with Yellow Vest’s death

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    © Belga

    A new suspect has been arrested in the Netherlands for the death of a Yellow Vest in Visé, a spokeswoman of the Prosecutor’s Office in Liege announced on Monday. The suspect, a driver, is a Dutch national residing in Landgraaf, east of Maastricht, the spokeswoman said, without giving any further details of the suspect’s identity.

    The investigating judge has issued a European arrest warrant for the driver. Pending further details on the circumstances of the incident, it has been described as a murder.

    The first suspect in this case, a 56-year-old trucker, was arrested on the night of Sunday to Monday, but was released by the Dutch police.

    The trucker had been present when the event occurred but slipped away amid the chaos surrounding the incident. Search efforts had focussed on his vehicle, which was similar to the one that was being sought after the incident. Based on surveillance camera footage, it had been the first heavy-duty truck to cross the border at that moment.

    However, this first suspect proved not to have been the trucker involved in the fatal incident.

    Investigators then focussed on the number plate reported by demonstrators who were present in Visé at the time of the incident. This enabled them to track down the vehicle involved, which was seized in Maastricht, where the international transport company to which it is attached is located.

    Surveillance cameras at the border had been unable to detect this vehicle because it had left the highway before crossing the border.

    A crack found on the windshield could have been caused by the impact of the Yellow Vest’s body when it crashed into it before sliding under the wheels of the vehicle.

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times