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    Brawl on Brussels tram, three men arrested


    A fight broke out on a Gare du Nord tram heading towards Eugène Verboekhovenpleinin Schaarbeek on Wednesday night at 8:15 pm, Brussels North police spokesperson Audrey Dereymaeker said.

    Three men were arrested and two people were taken to hospital. 

    The suspects aggressed several people in the tram, which a lady in the neighbourhood called “The Bear Cage”, around Eugène Verboekhovenplein. The STIB’s driver managed to call the police. As the tram had stopped, people in the neighbourhood began to approach. The police therefore called for reinforcements on hand to maintain order and allow rescue services to intervene in good conditions. 

    The three detainees are aged between 25 and 30. They are suspected, among other things, to have pushed a woman on the tram. The latter was taken to hospital, but had no physical injuries, as was the tram’s driver. She was uninjured but in shock. 

    No degradation was committed by the crowd, Dereymaeker said. Police officers and STIB agents were not insulted. The crowd was mainly present out of curiosity. The area was again completely calm after the event.

    The Brussels Times