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    Seven youths arrested for gang rape in Chaudfontaine

    "The suspect, A.B., born in 1972, was interrogated on Thursday. Credit: PxHere

    Seven youths were arrested for a gang rape that was filmed and broadcast on social media, the Liège prosecutor confirmed to RTLinfo on Sunday.

    On the night of 30 to 31 March, seven persons aged 13 to 18 abused a girl of 15 in Chaudfontaine. The video only lasts a few seconds, but the incident allegedly took place for several hours. 

    “The perpetrators were arrested on Tuesday and Thursday: five minors and two over 18. They have confessed. The five minors have been placed in a closed IPPJ (public institution for the protection of youth, ed.) The other two, however, have been placed under arrest by the investigating judge,” Liège first deputy prosecutor Catherine Collignon stated, adding that the girl had filed a complaint. 

    Collignon said she had nothing more to add, given the nature of the case and its investigation.

    The Brussels Times