The four suspects in the Anderlues abuse case remain in prison
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    The four suspects in the Anderlues abuse case remain in prison

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    The Charleroi Council Chamber confirmed the four suspects in the Anderlues abuse case were still in prison on Friday. 

    The suspects are charged with abuse of a vulnerable person and assault, torture and inhumane treatment towards two people. 

    The four defendants are thought to have severely abused a couple for several weeks. 

    The case began in early May. Two people aged 55 and 60 were abused while they were living with one of the victim’s sister in rue Saint-Médard in Anderlues. 

    The relatives they were living with began abusing the couple shortly after they moved in. The wife is considered vulnerable as she suffers from a mental disability. The children in the house (aged 16, 14 and 12) also took part in the abuse.  

    The family assaulted and humiliated the couple, making them take cold showers and throwing eggs and oil at them. They also made them eat pies full of dog faeces or vomit. Police have found videos of the abuse. 

    The husband managed to escape and ran to a family friend’s house. The friend took him to a police station to report the abuse.  

    Police discovered the wife’s legs had been badly burned when the suspects poured petrol on her jeans and set fire to them. She was taken to the IMTR hospital in Loverval. 

    The sister, her partner, another relative and a neighbour have been charged with abuse of a vulnerable person, assault, torture and inhumane treatment. 

    The Charleroi Prosecutor’s office said other people in their circle could also be charged as they either took part in the abuse or did not stop it. 

     Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times