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    OCAM accused of going outside its jurisdiction


    The Organ for the Coordination of Threat Analysis (OCAM) has been criticised by its supervisor. It has been accused of behaving like an intelligence service and encroaching on Homeland Security and General Security Intelligence Service (SGRS) missions, De Standaard said on Wednesday.

    OCAM’s job is to strategically evaluate current terrorist and extremist threats against Belgium. This means analysing information it receives from other services, such as Homeland Security, federal police or the SGRS.

    However, the Organ acts like an intelligence service too, by going looking for information, which is not its job. This is according to a report by Committee I, which supervises OCAM.

    Intelligence services have complained about contacts OCAM director André Vandoren has developed with foreign services over the last few years. 

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)