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    Charles Michel: “My message is this: seek asylum”


    Prime Minister Charles Michel had this message for unregistered immigrants and those sheltering them: “seek asylum! Join the Rule of Law”. He was interviewed by Le Soir on Saturday.

    “If we want a balanced asylum policy that is both firm and humane, it has to be effective when it comes to deportation”, says the Prime Minister. He was justifying his refusal to abandon the bill on house visits. This procedure “is a last resort when other paths have failed”, he explained. “There is a lot of confusion around what we do. I want to put it in perspective”, the Liberal MP said.

    When speaking about families sheltering immigrants, he said he held them in “deep respect. I even feel a kind of pride in seeing that numerous citizens are so generous”.

    “When I hear that a member of my party, a current governor (Hervé Jamar), spends time playing board games with immigrants, yes I am proud: proud of this light, this warmth. But my message as Prime Minister to those immigrants is this: seek asylum! Join the Rule of Law”, the Prime Minister added. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)