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    Increased taxes in a third of Walloon municipalities

    © BELGA
    © BELGA

    In Wallonia, additional cents on personal income tax (PIT) and property tax have increased in no less than 85 municipalities, Le Soir reports on Monday, on the basis of a survey of municipal budgets. In one out of three municipalities, additional cents on PIT and property tax have increased. These two taxes represent slightly more than three quarters of municipal tax revenues. Eighty-five towns, therefore, have raised this taxation. Thirty of them have even increased both taxes. 

    Additional cents are lowest in the province of Walloon Brabant. The highest taxation is applied in the municipalities of the Liège and Hainaut provinces.

    In 2018, none of the 262 Walloon municipalities has shown a budget deficit. The progress is undeniable: six years ago, 88 municipalities in the south of the country were in deficit.

    The Brussels Times