Belgian PM salutes Theresa May’s ‘resolve’ after UK leader’s resignation
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    Belgian PM salutes Theresa May’s ‘resolve’ after UK leader’s resignation

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    Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel thanked Theresa May for her “resolve” and “openness of mind” throughout the Brexit negotiations, after the U.K. prime minister announced she would resign from her post on Friday.

    Shortly after May announced her resignation in an emotional speech, Michel lauded the former prime minister’s approach to “resolve Brexit” for both Britain and the EU and thanked her “despite [their] differences.”

    On Friday, Theresa May announced she would step down as prime minister on June 7, after failing several times to secure parliamentary backup for the Brexit deal struck with European Union leaders.

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    “I want to thank [Theresa May] for her resolve and cooperation,” Michel wrote in a Tweet, sent out in English, adding that May had shown “openness of mind” throughout the rocky, years-long negotiations.

    Earlier this year, the Belgian leader had declared he preferred seeing Britain leave the bloc with no deal, rather than sign-off on a bad one, calling out the British parliament for “trying to take us toward a bad deal.”

    Michel signed off his Tweet with a reminder that “an orderly exit,” remained the best way for both economies.

    “Let’s continue on that path!” he wrote.

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    The Brussels Times