Red-blue-green coalition forming among Flemish parties in Brussels
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    Red-blue-green coalition forming among Flemish parties in Brussels

    Credit: © Groen

    A new Brussels regional government came one step closer this weekend, with reports that three Flemish parties are approaching agreement on working together.

    The alliance between Groen, Open VLD and, the local version of SP.A, echoes the strongest bloc in Wallonia, indicating that it shows promise of being echoed on the French-speaking side. Already, Ecolo and Groen campaigned together for the elections, while the greens and the socialists have more than enough seats to form a majority.

    We love Brussels, with passion and conviction,” said Elke Van den Brandt of Groen (photo). “Groen, Open VLD and are today joining hands to construct a healthy, ambitious and inclusive city. This coalition aims to be a Dutch-speaking partner for building bridges.”
    The creation of the cartel leaves out CD&V, which has one seat left in the new legislature, occupied by former secretary of state Bianca Debaets. N-VA picked up three seats in the region, the same as Open VLD and, but their cooperation with Groen (four seats) would be less likely.

    The agreement is “a missed chance for real change,” said N-VA representatives Cieltje Van Achter and Karl Vanlouwe in a statement. “The voters punished business as usual, and opted for change. It’s regrettable that Groen is not receiving that signal, and instead is negotiating with parties that have been in power since the creation of the region.”

    Debaets, meanwhile, told Bruzz in an interview that the party in Brussels had shared in the beating the party had suffered in Flanders. “Maybe it’s best for us to go through the repair we need from the opposition benches,” she said.

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times