152 electoral lists on offer in the 19 Brussels communes

152 electoral lists on offer in the 19 Brussels communes

152 lists have been accepted in the 19 Brussels communes in preparation for the elections on the 14th of October. This is according to the department for public regional administration, which is in charge of preparing local elections in Brussels. 

The Presidents of the main offices in the Brussels-Capital region have examined the candidate presentations and the candidate’s acts of acceptance. 153 lists were submitted, but the Anderlecht ISLAM list was rejected.  

The Flemish multimedia platform BRUZZ was missing one signature. The head of the Redouane list has said he is intending to appeal against his list being rejected.  

The Public Service for the Brussels Region (SPRB) has said there have be no appeals regarding candidate’s eligibility. The accepted lists are final. 

Ville de Bruxelles is the commune with the highest number of lists (14). That’s more than Molenbeek Saint-Jean (11) and Anderlecht (10) 

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is the commune offering electors the least amount of choice. 

The data given out by SPRB shows that ISLAM will only campaign in two Brussels communes: Ville de Bruxelles and Molenbeek Saint-Jean. It will have just two candidates in each of the two communes.  

The N-VA will campaign in thirteen communes. 

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