Antwerp bank bombed in failed bank heist

Antwerp bank bombed in failed bank heist

An Argenta bank in the commune of Retie, in Antwerp, was targeted by a bomb attack in the late hours of Wednesday. Police forces and the SEDEE explosives unit intervened, and Argenta stated that although the perpetrators had managed to escape, their loot was worthless.

"They took the cash-drawer," an Argenta spokesperson stated, "but it only contained test-bills."

Local residents reported hearing a loud noise at around 4:30, and reportedly saw the suspects drive away in a black Audi carrying a Dutch licence plate.

"I heard an argument in the street, so I went to look," the witness told Radio 2. "When I opened my window, the bank exploded in front of my door. I saw a few people crawl into the bank and come out of it with something, but I could not see what it was."

The branch said that it would remain closed "several weeks" for repairs.

In March, another Argenta branch in the Wallonian town of Visé was the target of a bomb attack.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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