STIB buses will no longer serve Gare du Nord station

STIB buses will no longer serve Gare du Nord station

Brussels transport company STIB will "temporarily" relocate its bus stops located at Gare du Nord due to health and safety concerns, according to a company spokesperson. Faced with concerns over a lack of hygiene and the potential presence of diseases at Brussels North station, the unions of the transport company De Lijn declared that their bus drivers will no longer stop there. On Monday, STIB followed in the footsteps, announcing that Brussels buses will no longer serve the Gare du Nord.

"We will see how the situation evolves," explained Françoise Ledune, STIB's spokesperson to L'Echo. "We do this for staff and travellers who would not understand why they are treated differently from De Lijn users".

The changes will be effective as of Tuesday morning, according to reports. The measurement impacts bus lines 61 and 20. Bus stop 61 will be moved to Place du Nord, at the footbridge, along from the station. The stop on line 20 will be moved to Boulevard Simon Bolivar.

However, the risk of contagion remains minimal at the station, according to Médecins du Monde. 

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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