‘Quarantine certificates’ to be issued by Belgian doctors

‘Quarantine certificates’ to be issued by Belgian doctors

A Belgian inter-ministerial meeting approved on Monday the roll-out of ‘quarantine certificates’.

The principle of a ‘quarantine certificate’ follows the Belgian government’s expanded efforts on testing, contact tracing and monitoring as confinement measures are progressively being eased in May.

This specific medical certificate will be integrated into the professional software general practitioners are using this week.

If a GP has positively tested a patient or has found out by the patient that they have been in close contact with certain people who are Covid-19 positive, the GP will issue the quarantine certificate.

In other words, the certificates can be given to patients even if they “do not present symptoms and are fit for work.”

The certificate also specifies whether the person is sick and therefore unable to work, or is able to work but must remain isolated, a measure which the patient has to respect.

In the case where the person has been given a quarantine certificate but is able to work, teleworking is the only option.

If the person’s type of work does not allow for teleworking, the employee would receive temporary unemployment on the basis of the quarantine certificate given to the employer.

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