Belgian beer production dropped 50% in April

Belgian beer production dropped 50% in April
Credit: Pixabay

Beer production in Belgium fell by 50% last month compared to April 2019, according to a first estimate provided by the Belgian Brewers' Federation. 

The sector had already registered a 30% drop in production in March.

Of the more than 100 members affiliated to the federation, it is above all the smaller breweries, many of which supply the hospitality industry, that had drops in production.

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A third of the breweries had to stop production altogether. The biggest players were able to rely on the revenues of the supermarkets, without these offsetting the losses incurred as a result of the closure of cafés and restaurants. 

The breweries are also affected by the cancellation of festivals and other events, explained Nathalie Poissonnier, General Director of the federation.

Poissonnier hopes for a rapid reopening of the hospitality industry, but realises that a decision on this will depend on the evolution of the number of infections following the first steps out of Belgium's lockdown.

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