Belgium extends replacement income for the self-employed

Belgium extends replacement income for the self-employed

The Belgian government has extended the date for replacement income to independents until 30 June.

A draft royal decree along these lines was approved on Saturday by the Council of Ministers, following a proposal from Denis Ducarme, Minister of the Self-employed.

The replacement income is accessible to all the self-employed in Belgium whose work has been interrupted or limited as part of the health measures taken by the National Council to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The compensation amounts to 1,291.69 euros per month or 1,614.10 euros if the person has a family.

In March, 338,407 payments were processed to the self-employed, according to figures from Belgium’s social security institute for the self-employed (INASTI).

While in April the number rose to 345,255 payments. In total the sum transferred amounts to €1,012 billion.

"Payments have already been made for 96% of the files that meet the conditions," the office of Minister Ducarme confirms.

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