Brussels Airlines could cut 310 jobs in Belgium

Brussels Airlines could cut 310 jobs in Belgium
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Brussels Airlines management expects to lay off 370 people, of which 310 in Belgium, De Tijd reported on Tuesday.

The Dutch-speaking daily had access to a presentation by the airline's management.

On 12 May, the airline had announced a restructuring plan threatening up to 1,000 jobs (or 25% of the staff).

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Management has indicated that it wants to limit the number of forced redundancies through alternative measures.

In particular, the company is counting on the 155 employees who are eligible for (early) pensions to retire.

Among employees over 59 years old and who are eligible for unemployment with a company supplement, Brussels Airlines intends to cut 92 jobs.

Employees over 57 will be asked to work half-time and those aged 55 or 56 will be asked to work four-fifths time.

The carrier also intends to take measures to reduce the workload of pilots and crew during the quieter winter months.

"With these proposed measures, we can limit layoffs to 9% of staff," management reportedly said in its presentation. Voluntary departures could also help.

Brussels Airlines declined to confirm the figures, as social negotiations are still ongoing.

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