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    Alstom and Siemens bury the hatchel over Infrabel


    The constructors Alstom and Siemens are on the brink of finalising an agreement that would cancel the appeals submitted to the State Council. They were submitted to contest contracts attributed by Infrabel, the manager of the Belgian railway system, L’Echo revealed on Friday. The first contract was given to Siemens, and was to equip the Belgian railway with a level 2 ETCS system. It was worth 510 million euros.  It was contested by Alstom, who won their State Council appeal. The second contract is worth 30 million euros, and was for providing railway equipment. It was given to Alstom, but contested by Siemens, who won their own State Council appeal.

    These appeals might delay both contracts by two, maybe three years. They aim to secure the Belgian network for 2023. The deal on the table would make Alstom a Siemens subcontractor for the 510 million euro contract.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)