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    Belgacom changes name to Proximus


    he general assembly of Belgacom shareholders voted in favour of the change from Belgacom Ltd to Proximus Ltd by a margin of 99.94% on Wednesday. “There we have it, we are now called Proximus,” declared Stefaan De Clerck, president of the board of directors after the vote.

    Dominique Leroy, CEO, explained this change as reflecting the wish to use only one name (Proximus) for all its communications. The official switch from Belgacom Ltd to Proximus Ltd implies a change in the 1991 law and a royal decree to implement it.

    “We hope to finalise the whole process by June,” said Dominique Leroy, who added the name change would cost the company 20 million euros at the most.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)