“Imtech Belgium will definitely keep going thanks to Cordeel”
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    “Imtech Belgium will definitely keep going thanks to Cordeel”

    Imtech Belgium’s takeover by the Belgian construction company Cordeel means Imtech Belgium will have what it needs to keep going, the CEOs of both companies said in a joint press release on Thursday.

    This takeover means Cordeel now has 1,800 employees and a global turnover of 580 million euros. An Imtech Belgium spokesman said Imtech’s 800 workers are included in the takeover. Imtech has a turnover of around 150 million euros. “Safeguarding the 800 jobs was always our number one priority” says Bjorn Borghs, CEO of Imtech Belgium. “We are happy that a strong company like Cordeel has given us the opportunity to continue with our long term strategy”.

    Dirk Cordeel, CEO of the Cordeel group, said the buyout was “part of the group’s strategy to provide internal solutions, to offer our customers a complete service”.

    Cordeel is a family company, which has been going since 1934. The construction company is mainly present in Belgium, the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)