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    Flanders region sets its sights on Brussels Airport takeover

    ©Brussels AIrport
    ©Brussels AIrport

    The government of Flanders region has plans to take a share of Brussels Airport, according to reports in financial daily De Tijd. The airport, which is situated entirely on Flemish territory, has hitherto been considered national territory, although road signs to point to “Zaventem” with an aircraft symbol, that some would prefer to point to  “Brussels Airport”.

    The airport company itself is owned by the federal government, which hold 25% plus one special share; the Canadian pension fund OTPP (39%) and the Australian group Macquarie (36%).

    The latter share is now up for sale, starting in the autumn.

    Now the Flemish government’s investment fund (PMV) has expressed an interest in obtaining a share of the airport company, together with co-investors AG, Belfius and Ethias.

    That deal would set the Flemish administration directly in competition with Wallonia, which directly supports Charleroi and to a lesser extent Liege airports.

    According to De Tijd, considering the partners lined up, the Flemish government has a strong chance of winning the deal.

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times