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    Oil prices in Belgium set to increase tomorrow

    Oil prices will increase in Belgium in response to the recent attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia. Credit: Pixabay.

    Belgians will be charged an additional 5 cents at the petrol pump on Thursday, as global oil prices fluctuate in response to the attacks on Saudi Arabia oil installations on Saturday.

    “For both gasoline and diesel, about 5 cents per litre will be added,” said spokesperson of the Belgian Petroleum Federation, Jean-Benoît Schrans.

    Refuelling a car with 50 litres of either diesel or gasoline will cost an additional €2.50 starting on Thursday.

    The cost of domestic heating oil in Belgium already increased by 6 cents to €0.7203 euros per litre (for an order of 2,000 litres) on Wednesday, reports HLN.

    At about 3:30 AM on Sunday morning, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company, Saudi Aramco, was attacked and damaged, significantly disrupting the kingdom’s estimated oil output and in turn, 5% of global oil production, reports The Guardian.

    The international community is still unclear about who is responsible for the attacks.

    Evie McCullough
    The Brussels Times