Animal Rights demands a ban on 'slaughter safaris'

Animal Rights demands a ban on 'slaughter safaris'

Animal Rights demanded on Tuesday a ban on the body organising slaughter safaris and hunting expeditions organised by companies.

Animal Rights focuses on Belgian companies offering similar slaughter safaris. The latter take place mainly in Africa, but also in Europe, America, and Russia.

Trophy kills are displayed on social networks: dead hyenas, bears, leopards, elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras and many others.

"Trophy hunters shoot any animal they can so that they are then able to pose with the dead bodies," the association said, demanding an end to the organisation of such activities. "We can no longer accept people profiting from hunting animals," the organisation added.

The Flemish association for the protection of animal rights is calling for the travel agents' association in the north of the country to exclude those of its members who carry out such expeditions.

Animal Rights had previously already called upon the minister, Marie Christine Marghem (MR), to ban the importation of hunting trophies into Belgium.

Marghem hopes that the organisation of these activities by Belgian companies can be banned. The minister is additionally calling on the Flemish association of travel agents to exclude any of its members offering such trips.

A demonstration about the issue will place on Friday at 1:00 PM on Groenplaats in Antwerp.

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