Middle East troubles have “no effect” on Brussels Airlines

Middle East troubles have “no effect” on Brussels Airlines
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The current situation in the Middle East involving Iran and the United States in Iraq has no effect on Brussels Airlines, the company’s spokesperson Wencke Lemmes-Pireaux told Het Laatste Nieuws.

Brussels Airlines itself has no scheduled flights to the region, but does sell flights operated by partner airlines, for example to Abu Dhabi with Etihad.

This week the American aviation authority FAA stopped all civilian flights by American airlines to the region of Iran and Iraq, as well as the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, following a rocket attack on a US military base.

Earlier this morning the Dutch airline KLM decided to re-route flights to avoid over-flying Iraq and Iran. This affects flights to South-East Asia, adding some 12 minutes to the flight time.

That example was later followed by Air France and Lufthansa. Separate measures have also been taken by Air Canada, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

We don’t fly to the region,” said Lemmes-Pireaux. “Our destinations are concentrated in Europe, the United States, Canada and West and East Africa. Our situation is therefore completely different from KLM and Lufthansa.”

Brussels Airlines does however continue to offer tickets on behalf of partner airlines, including Etihad with flights to Abu Dhabi in the Persian Gulf which over-fly the troubled area.

It’s always a decision for our partner airline if they want to offer a flight or not,” the spokesperson said. “We don’t intervene. Customers with any questions can always contact them.”

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