Barely 0.6% company cars in Belgium are electric

Barely 0.6% company cars in Belgium are electric
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Diesel is losing ground on the company-car market (-17%), while electric vehicles only represent 0.6%, the Acerta group’s HR services announced in a statement on Thursday.

Today, nearly one car in five (19.2%) runs on gasoline against only 3.5% in 2014.

Diesel almost held a monopoly in 2014, with 96% of company cars. Five years later, it has declined significantly, not in favour of electric models, but in favour of gasoline engines.

“To understand the limited share of electric company cars, we probably do not have to look further than at the price. Company cars’ size is generally ‘average’, and this electric cars category is always in the expensive segment,” Acerta legal adviser Olivier Marcq explains.

CEOs, however, use electric vehicles a little more often. They now represent more than 3% (against 0.7 in 2014), Acerta confirms.

To see the eclosion of electric company vehicles, several issues must be first resolved, according to Acerta. “Many more charging stations would be necessary, including on the companies’ premises, but agreements must also be made to address the home-loading issue,” the company says.

However, the new 2020 taxation of company cars already links the deductibility of company car costs (car fuel) to CO2 emissions. “For a very polluting company car, deductibility may drop to 40%. The tax incentive for electric driving is thus even higher,” Marcq concludes.

Acerta based its study on data of employees in the private sector which was provided by more than 45,000 employers.

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