Huawei Rotating CEO Ken Hu shares vision for a super-connected 5g world
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    Huawei Rotating CEO Ken Hu shares vision for a super-connected 5g world

    During his keynote speech at Mobile World Congress last week, Ken Hu, Rotating CEO at Huawei, shared his inspiring vision for a 5G World that is he argued is within reach by 2020. Mr Hu emphasized the importance of cross-industry collaboration and innovative commercialisation strategies for manufacturers, innovators and operators, in order for a smoother and faster transition into this “new digital era”. Furthermore, the rise of the “Internet of Things” and superior user experiences are two key components for a successful 5G, he argued.

    According to Hu, a fully deployed 5G network will have the ability to reach up to 100 billion smart nodes, and he expects to see more than 50 billion devices connected by 2020. The applications of such capability are wide and groundbreaking according to Hu, from self driving cars to medical applications and smarter homes.

    Hu explained that the peak speed of the new 5G network will be 10 Gbit/s (roughly 1000 times faster than 4G), which means one will be able to download a HD movie in just seconds (compared to over one hour in 3G and several minutes with 4G).

    “5G will become more than just an upgrade. It will be a powerful platform which enables new applications, business models, and even the creation of new industries and disruption of existing ones,” Hu added.

    While emphasizing the importance of collaboration across industries and innovative business models, Hu argued that this will allow “operators to maximize their return on investment in 4G, stimulate demand for 5G, and extend their market leadership from 4G to 5G”.

    The Brussels Times