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    Orange invest in two new technologies “mobile IoT”

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Orange Belgium, the Belgian operator will invest in two new technologies in “mobile IoT” on their network in 2017. “Collectively known as Mobile IoT, the technologies of LTE-M and NB-IoT are different mobile layers in the cellular referred  as Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) that will permit millions of every day devices to connect to the internet of things” This is explained by Orange in a official communication on Monday.

    LPGA technology will offer a lot of advantages to devices that use the internet of things (IoT), a great advantage is its reduction in energy consumption therefore allowing greater battery exploitation and life (up to 10 years) for those connected to the internet as well as its low cost radio transmitter  found within these devices. Explains the mobile operator.

    According to Orange, these technologies will bring huge advantages to the industry like more bidirectional communication between the devices and the internet, better mobile coverage and a more stable communication abroad as well as better security.

    The employment of these two new technologies will implicate a simple update of the 4G network used by Orange.  

    Giulio Martini
    The Brussels Times