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    CO2 emissions increased by 1.8% in EU last year

    Credit: © Belga

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions increased by 1.8% in the European Union (EU) last year, according to the first estimates for 2017 from the EU statistical office, Eurostat. However, they decreased by 2.4% in Belgium, whose share of total emissions in the EU was 2.3% in 2017.

    Eurostat estimates show that CO2 emissions went up in most member States in 2017. The highest increases were in Malta (+12.8%), followed by Estonia (+11.3%), Bulgaria (+8.3%), Spain (+7.4%) and Portugal (+7.3%).

    On the other hand, reductions were observed in Finland (-5.9%), Denmark (-5.8%), the United Kingdom (-3.2%), Ireland (-2.9%), Belgium (-2.4%), Latvia (-0.7%) and Germany (-0.2%).

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times