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    Facebook CEO beats about the bush, regrets De Backer

    © Belga
    Amongst Mr De Backer’s concerns is the lack of reassurance from Zuckerberg as to what Facebook is doing to prevent a repeat of the Cambridge Analytica data breach.
    © Belga

    On Tuesday, the Secretary of State for the Protection of Privacy, Philippe De Backer, expressed his disappointment. His comments came after the hearing before the European parliament for the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

    De Backer asserted, “He is beating about the bush. We have received no response to the question of knowing what happened to all of the data received by Facebook without user consent. We do not know for certain whether Cambridge Analytica is the only case of its kind to occur.”

    Mr De Backer added, “Moreover, neither do we know for sure what Facebook is doing to prevent such incidents.”

    In the Secretary of State’s view, Facebook is a “Pandora’s box.” He went on, “Technology companies cannot themselves become the ‘umpires’ of what we may think as individuals.” De Backer believes that we must now compel such businesses to be transparent.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times